With the brand DUPLI-COLOR, since more than 50 years MOTIP DUPLI is European outrider in the field of spray paints and touch-up pencils. With this brand the enterprise offers a wide range of products for car, home and hobby, but also for industrial purposes.



Here you'll find all you need for quick, but durable paint repair: for the surface pre-treatment, lacquering in the original tone of your vehicle, touch-up works, but also for final styling with various products for optical tuning.
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This broad line of decorative sprays sets no boundaries to your phantasy. For any object the do-it-yourselfer will find here the perfect primer, a big choice of spray paints, for example after the RAL standard, effect sprays for superlative decorative works as well as special paints for special applications.

Magnetic Paint


Magnets directly cling to the wall. Forget unwieldy pin boards and residues from adhesive tape or holes from steel pins at the wall.
->Magnetic Paint

Rust Protection


4-in-1 products for best possible rust protection, with integrated LCI technology (Liquid Corrosion Inhibitors)

  • DUPLI-COLOR Alkyton: high gloss RAL shades, black matt, Hammerfinish and Iron Mica als brush paint and as repair sprays for repair works
  • DUPLI-COLOR Rust-Stop: satin matt spray in RAL shades, Hammerfinish spray, Iron Mica spray for the quick and easy use, even on difficult to reach areas
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Here you may choose among products for temporary marking with marking sprays for construction and forestry, but also for durable marking as marking spray for road- and linemarking. In addition, we offer for each quality the suitable equipment for comfortable application.


The best putty or the highest quality varnish will not work if the substrate has not been prepared carefully and no suitable primer has been used. The...

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Up until now sheared hinges on doors, sideboards, shelves and cupboards could only be repaired by professionals ...


Also suitable for:


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You can easily even off marks and uneven areas with the one-component NC-Combi-putty.


Also suitable for use on:

Rubbish bins, boilers and other...

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