The correct spraying distance

Applying paint using a spray can is fun, easy and you don’t need to clean any tools or paint containers. But although the process is uncomplicated, there are one or two things that you need to observe in order to achieve the best possible results. The spraying distance is an important factor here, as this influences the surface quality, the sheen and the colour, for example. On our cans, we recommend spraying from a distance of either 25 to 30cm or 15 to 20cm. Why the difference?

The expert works close up

By guiding the spray can professionally, constantly from the same distance, at a constant speed and always in side to side motions, the results are reliable and reproducible. The distance that we recommend for professionals, 15 to 20cm, ensures that the paint does not begin to dry before the second coating is applied. A rough, lacklustre surface would be the result.But for the professional, the spraying distance means even more. It is also a technique that can be employed, for example, when using metallic colours to correctdiscrepancies in the original paintwork, perhaps caused by the effects of weather. 

The amateur sprays from a greater distance

Inexperienced people often spray more uncertainly. On the one hand, they are afraid of drips. These inelegant runs always tend to appear when the spray was applied from too close up. And on the other, the lamateur is afraid of poor painting results. One such cause of this is when paint is sprayed from too great a distance. It meets the surface of the object being painted as mist, and so no solid coating of paint can ensue. Therefore, we recommend on our cans that the best spraying distance for DIY users is 25 to 30cm. Within this range, there is a favourable relationship between speed – how quickly the can is guided over the painting surface – and the paint application. When using DUPLICOLOR Aqua Spray, sticking to the recommended spraying distance is especially important. Because if you spray from too close up, unevenness can remain once it has dried. But not only the correct spraying distance helps you to achieve the best results. The nozzles and spray heads used with the DIY cans also actively support the user. 


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