presto stop Rust Converter Spray

presto stop Rust Converter Spray

presto stop Rust Converter Spray is a rust converter and primer in one work step.

This rust restoration system on epoxy resin basis merges with the neutralized rust layer to a metallic-organic iron complex. This black, very compact protection layer builds the primer and is the basis for the subsequent, durable lacquer finish.

Excellently suitable for the restoration of vehicles, machines and all kinds of facilities.

Recommendation: our presto assortment offers the right putty for all purposes, e.g. the presto Body Filler for universal use.


MOTIP DUPLI recalls the "presto premium rim cleaner" (aerosol can, contents 400 ml, article number 455896) The technical composition of the product...

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Even damage to metal or metal sheets can be easily repaired with presto alu Metal Filler. The finished repairs blend in well and are waterproof.


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Scratches can be quickly repaired with presto light filler without affecting the weight of the board.


Also suitable for use on:

Model planes,...

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